■ リリース情報(買い逃し含む)

Blamstrain: Disfold [Sending Orbs]
Secede: Vega Libre EP [Sending Orbs]
Kettel: My Dogan EP [Sending Orbs]
Kettel/Secede: Collaboration [Sending Orbs]
Gultskra Artikler: Pofigistka [Lampse]

■ リリース情報(ロック、ポップス、国内等)


■ 更新情報
New Arrival
Anders Ilae: Nightwidth
Proem: You shall have ever been
Post Industrial Boys: Trauma
Funckarma: Bion Glent
Xela: The Dead Sea
Jan Jelinek: Tierbeobachtungen
V.A.: Quietwave
V.A.: Night Rule To Home
Clark: Body Riddle
Squarepusher: Hello Everything
Jeff Mills: One Man Spaceship
Automotive: The Digil Parker Project
V,A.: Keep The Faith
Blamstrain: Disfold
V.A.: Diamanten und Raketen
Encre: Plexuis II
Grizzly Bear: Yellow House
Lucky & Easy: Hookahs
Machinefabriek: Maeijin
Gultskra Artikler: Pofigistka
Another Electric Musician: Patirnce
Ryan Teague: Coins & Crosse
The North Sea & Rameses III: Night of the Ankou
Justus Kohncke: Doppelleben
Triola: Im Funftonraum
Captain Comatose: Up In Flames
Benny Blanko: 8 Ft In The Air
金原千恵子: Love & Respect
John Beltran: Human Engine
Susumu Yokota: Triple Time Dance
Kaito:; Hundred Million Love Year
V.A.: Squadron 2
London Sinfonietta: Warp Works & Twentiety Century Masters
Senor Coconuts: プレイズYMO
Her Space Holiday: The Past Presents The Future
Her Space Holiday: The Young Machines Remixed
Her Space Holiday: The Young Machines
Her Space Holiday: Home Is Where You Hang Yourself
Her Space Holiday: Audio Astronomy
Sarah Brightman: Diva: The Singles Collection
Guther: Sundet
サケロックオールスターズ: トロピカル道中
Garnet Crow: The Twillight Valley
Base Ball Bear: Stand By Me
Cornelius: Breezin'
V.A.: Girls On The Rock

New Arrival
Broadcast: The Future Crayon
Secret Cinema: Skunk&Espresso
Jamie Liddel: Multiply Additions
5 Mic Cluster: Crystal Mic
Arctic Hospital: Citystream
V.A.: From The Vault: Planet E Classic Collection Vol.1
Japanese Stnchro System: The Foundation
Pentatonik: The Five Angels
Quench: Caipruss
Bola: Bola
The Beauty Room: The Beauty Room
Ivy: Lucy Doesn't Love You
サンディー&サンセッツ: 祝再生
サンディー&サンセッツ: イミグランツ
サンディー: イーティン・プレジャー
サンセッツ: ヒート・スケール
Garnet Crow: まぼろし

New Arrival
V.A.: SomaCD200
Nouvelle Vague: Bande A Part
Klimek: Music To Fall Asleep
Tba Empty: Stupid Rotation
Pretty Boy Crossover+Julio Soto: We Are All Drifting
Mt Robot Friend: Dial 0
Towa Tei: Motivation 4
Minikon: Minikon
Minikon: Super Minikon
Electronic Barnache Island: Deeply Faulted Area Resembling an Upright Deck of Cards
V.A.: Total 7
Alpha: Lost in a garden of clouds Part 2
Alpha: Without some help
Bitcrush: In Distance
Sea: Last Days
Ivy: Realistic
iMogen Heap: Speak For Yourself
Under The Influence of Giants: Under The Influence of Giants
Base Ball Bear: 夕方ジェネレーション
Base Ball Bear: High Color Times
Fence of Defence: パンゲア
スターボー: スターボー1
越美晴: ゴールデンベスト
高橋幸宏: 薔薇色の明日
高橋幸宏: Time and Place
高橋幸宏: Wild & Moody
高橋幸宏: 四月の魚
Kokua: Progress
Perfume: Perfume Complete Best
Organs Cafe: A Love TANKA
土屋アンナ: Strip Me?
Garnet Crow: 今宵エデンの片隅で
糸井重里: ペンギニズム
8nit Project: Familiar Computing World
矢野顕子: いままでのやのあきこ
Sheena & The Rokkets: Rokket Fasctory
高橋悠治+富樫雅彦: トワイライト
細野晴臣: 南の島の小さな飛行機バーディー サウンドトラック
高橋幸宏: 新青年(DVD)
高橋幸宏: Boys Will Be Boys(DVD)

Thom Yorke: The Eraser

New Arrival
Plaid & Bob Jaroc: Greedy Baby [amazon.co.jp]
レイハラカミ feat. 原田郁子: 暗やみの色 [amazon.co.jp]
Titonton: Cosmic Rhythm [amazon.co.jp]
フルカワミキ: Mirrors [amazon.co.jp]
手嶌葵: ゲド戦記歌集 [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Jimpster: Amour [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: Recorded In Rotterdam [amazon.co.jp]
Shadow Huntaz: Valley of The Shadow Instruments [amazon.co.jp]
Kettel: My Dogan
Yagya: Will I Dream During The Process?
SCSI-9: The Line of Nine [amazon.co.jp]
Luciano: Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi.02 [amazon.co.jp]
Loess: Wind and Water [amazon.co.jp]
Mitchell Akiyama: mori aux Vaches [amazon.co.jp]
V.A. : Technoloid [amazon.co.jp]
BaseballBear: Girl Friend [amazon.co.jp]
Perfume: エレクトロ・ワールド [amazon.co.jp]
フルカワミキ: Coffee & Singins Girl !!! [amazon.co.jp]
BaseBallBear: Electric Summer [amazon.co.jp]
手嶌葵: テルーの唄 [amazon.co.jp]
チャットモンチー : 恋愛とスピリット [amazon.co.jp]
チャットモンチー: 恋の煙 [amazon.co.jp]
チャットモンチー: Chatmonchy Gas Come [amazon.co.jp]
サディスティック・ミカ・バンド: 超別嬪 [amazon.co.jp]
Alva Noto+Ryuyichi Sakamoto: Revep [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: ガイアの夜明け [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Gerd: Perspectives [amazon.co.jp]
Thievery Corporation: Versions [amazon.co.jp]
Soylent Green: La Forza Del Destino [amazon.co.jp]
Paul Mac: Defined By Association
Proswell & Wwcarpen: Proswell & Wwcarpen
Fila Brazillia: Retrospective 1996-2006 [amazon.co.jp]
Helios: Eingya [amazon.co.jp]
Ivy: Long Distance [amazon.co.jp]
Ivy: Apartment Life [amazon.co.jp]
Ivy: Lately [amazon.co.jp]
Ivy: In The Clear [amazon.co.jp]
Imogan Heap: I Megaphone [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: FM音源マニアックス

New Arrival
Deadelus: Denies The Day's Demise [amazon.co.jp]
Napoleon Solo: The Big O
パーランマウム: We are Parnmaum [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
金原千恵子: Strings of Life [amazon.co.jp]
Susumu Yokota: LOCompilation [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: History Is Bunk Part 2 [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: History Is Bunk Part 1 [amazon.co.jp]
坂本龍一: Bricolages [amazon.co.jp]
坂本美雨: Harmonious [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Maps and Diagrams: Anntenas and Signals
Pet Shop Boys: Fundamentals [amazon.co.jp]
川井郁子: 嵐が丘
リンダリンダリンダ サウンドトラック [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Rei Harakami: わすれもの [amazon.co.jp]
Johannes Heil: Freak R Us [amazon.co.jp]
遊佐未森: 休暇小屋 [amazon.co.jp]
4-D: Die Reconstruction

New Arrival
I'm not a gun: We think as instruments [amazon.co.jp]
Senor Coconut: プレイズYMO [amazon.co.jp]
Mapstation: destance told me thinhs to be said [amazon.co.jp]
Kay Nakayama: Jazz Only Lives Twice [amazon.co.jp]
Erasure: Union Street [amazon.co.jp]
Human League: Live At The Dome [amazon.co.jp]
小松未歩: 小松未歩8〜a peace of cake〜 [amazon.co.jp]
森雪之丞: Words of 雪之丞 [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Tim Koch: Faena [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Machine Drum: Mergerz & Acquisitions [amazon.co.jp]
Aphex Twin: Chosen Lords [amazon.co.jp]
Kaito: Hundred Million Light Years [amazon.co.jp]
Japan: The Very Best of [amazon.co.jp]
Nyantora: 夜を忘れなさい/97-03 [amazon.co.jp]
Japan: The Very Best of(DVD) [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Massive Attack: Collected [amazon.co.jp]
Swayzak: Rooute de la Slack [amazon.co.jp]
I am robot and proud: The electricity in your house wants to sing [amazon.co.jp]
Susumu Yokota: Wonder Waltz [amazon.co.jp]
Dan Curtin: We are the ones we've been waiting for [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: Colour Series: Red 03 [amazon.co.jp]
Aardvarck: Cult Copy [amazon.co.jp]
Markus Guentner: Lovely Society [amazon.co.jp]
Envoy: Shoulder 2 Shoulder [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Guitar: Saltykisses [amazon.co.jp]
DJ Dex: Invisible Show Case Vol.1 Part:Two
DJ Dex: Invisible Show Case Vol.1 Part:Two
高橋幸宏: Blue Moon Blue [amazon.co.jp]
仲間由紀恵 with ダウンローズ: 恋のダウンロード [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Tstewart: Living Exponentially
Nightmares On Wax: In a Space Outta Sound [amazon.co.jp]
Isolee: Western Store [amazon.co.jp]
Duplex: Late Night Driving [amazon.co.jp]
Telex: how do you dance?
Sing Sing: and i
矢野顕子: はじめてのやのあきこ [amazon.co.jp]
Garnet Crow: 籟・来・也 [amazon.co.jp]
奥村チヨ: CHIYO! コケティッシュ爆弾 [amazon.co.jp]
欧陽菲菲: ソウルフィーフィー [amazon.co.jp]
渚ゆう子: 京都フェロモン菩薩 [amazon.co.jp]
三浦純: 青春ノイローゼ [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Mike Shannon: Possile Coclusions to Stories that Never End [amazon.co.jp]

ザ・スライドショー9(DVD) [amazon.co.jp]
みうらじゅんの一切無い殺意(DVD) [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Jimmy Edgar: Color Strip [amazon.co.jp]
Battles: EO C/B EP [amazon.co.jp]
Guitar: Tokyo [amazon.co.jp]
Plumpline/Roger Eno: Transparencies [amazon.co.jp]
Mikkel Metal: Victimizer [amazon.co.jp]
SubtractiveLAD: Suture [amazon.co.jp]
Coppe': 9+10=10th.Aniversaru [amazon.co.jp]
V.A. : Suburb The Record Label
Office-R[6]: Mundal Occrrences and Presentations
アポジー&ペリジー: 超時空コロダスタン旅行記 [amazon.co.jp]
戸川純: 東京の野蛮 [amazon.co.jp]
戸川純: 好き好き大好き [amazon.co.jp]
戸川純: 極東慰安唱歌 [amazon.co.jp]
戸川純とヤプーズ: 裏玉姫 [amazon.co.jp]
戸川純: 玉姫様 [amazon.co.jp]
ゲルニカ: 改造への躍動 [amazon.co.jp]
冨田ラボ: Shiplunching [amazon.co.jp]
Miz: Mizrock [amazon.co.jp]
戸川純とヤプーズ: Tour-Live '85〜'86 [amazon.co.jp]
戸川純: 玉姫伝 [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Through Tone: Through Tone [amazon.co.jp]
今井裕: A Cool Evening [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Claude Young: One-Nine-Eight-Four
Celine: Slapsed Time
Thievery Corporation: Perfect Remixes Vol.4[amazon.co.jp]
Monday満ちる: Routes [amazon.co.jp]
中野テルヲ: Dump Request 99-05[amazon.co.jp]
Yen Chang + Hoppy Kamiyama: ママタンゴ
生田敬太郎: 風の架け橋[amazon.co.jp]
Perfume: リニアモーターガール[amazon.co.jp]
Human Audio Sponge: Live In Bercelona-Tokyo [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Prefuse 73: Security Screenings [amazon.co.jp]
Coldcut: People Hold On - The Best of [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
V.A.: Submerge Live In Japan [amazon.co.jp]
平沢進: 白虎野 [amazon.co.jp]
Mandrake: Unreleased Materials 1 [amazon.co.jp]
Mandrake: Unreleased Materials 2 [amazon.co.jp]
矢野顕子: Presto [amazon.co.jp]
Perfume: コンピューターシティ [amazon.co.jp]
坂本冬美: Oh,My Love〜ラジオから愛のうた〜 [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Deaf Center: Pale Ravine
Midaircondo: Shopping for Images
Run_Return: Metro_North [amazon.co.jp]
Funckarma: Refubished One [amazon.co.jp]
The Black Dog: Silenced [amazon.co.jp]
Shadow Huntaz: Valley of the Shadow [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Cold Cut: Sound Mirrors [amazon.co.jp]
Yuichiro Kato: Pouring [amazon.co.jp]
Conrad Newholms: Peppermint Styles
Miz: Bittersweet [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Vince Watson: Echoes From The Future: View To The Past [amazon.co.jp]
Human League: Originals, Remixes & Rarities [amazon.co.jp]
Original Love: キングスロード [amazon.co.jp]
シーナ: いつだってビューティフル [amazon.co.jp]
鮎川誠: クール・ソロ [amazon.co.jp]
Sheena & The Rokkets: In Usa [amazon.co.jp]
Sheena & The Rokkets: ピンナップ・ベイビー・ブルース [amazon.co.jp]
Sheena & The Rokkets: チャンネル・グー [amazon.co.jp]
Sheena & The Rokkets: 真空パック [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Piano Overlord: The Singles Collection 03-05 [amazon.co.jp]

by Design(DVD)

New Arrival
V.A.: Interstellar Fugtives 2 [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: The Electric Institute [amazon.co.jp]
Funckarma: Blaztiq Bourbon 5
.tape.: Paintings
Julien Neto: Le Fumeur Ciel
Jasper TX: I'll be long before my light reaches you
Kelley Polar: Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens [amazon.co.jp]
Terrace: Interesting Times [amazon.co.jp]
Enavomi: Vinden Blaser Bakat
Kero: Kerologistics
Mr.76ix: Hits of 76ix part 2 [amazon.co.jp]
Prince Po: The Slickness [amazon.co.jp]
Boom Bip: Blue Eyes In The Red Room [amazon.co.jp]
Fog: 10th Avenue Freakout [amazon.co.jp]
DJ Signify: Sleep No More [amazon.co.jp]
Daniel Wang: Idealism 2005 [amazon.co.jp]
Maps and Diagrams & Verbose
Nine Horses: Snow Borne Sorrow [amazon.co.jp]
桃山晴衣: 弾き詠み草 [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
V.A.: Follow The Leader [amazon.co.jp]
Aux 88: Aux 88 [amazon.co.jp]
The Orb: Okie Dokie It's The Orb On Kompakt [amazon.co.jp]
Keef Baker: The Widnes Redevelopment Project [amazon.co.jp]
Deadbeat: New World Observer [amazon.co.jp]
Dell+Frugel: Superstructure [amazon.co.jp]
Steve Cobby: Fila Brazillia The Garden Complation Vol.1
Lackluster: What You Want Isn't What You Need
V.A.: Pop Ambient 2006 [amazon.co.jp]
Another Electronic Musician: Use [amazon.co.jp]
Thomas Brinkmann: Lucky Hands [amazon.co.jp]
Norken: Our Memories of Winter [amazon.co.jp]
Isolee: Rest [amazon.co.jp]
Vector Lovers: Capsule For One [amazon.co.jp]
Silicon Soul: Staring Into Space [amazon.co.jp]
Matias Aguayo: Are You Really Lost [amazon.co.jp]
Marc Hellner: Marriages [amazon.co.jp]
Titonton Duvante: Voyeurism [amazon.co.jp]
Sarah Brightman: Love Change Everything [amazon.co.jp]
ムーンライダーズ: ムーンライト・リサイタル1976 [amazon.co.jp]
遊佐未森: クロ [amazon.co.jp]
小松未歩: 恋になれ・・・ [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: Music Plans SKMT Tribute
AI: My Friend [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Ian Pooley: A Subterranean Soundtrack [amazon.co.jp]
Alter Ego: Tranphormed [amazon.co.jp]
Miz: Backseat Baby [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Marc Hellner: Asleep on the Wing [amazon.co.jp]
Jan Jelinek: Kosmischer Pitch [amazon.co.jp]
Lackluster: Slice [amazon.co.jp]
Multiplex: Xpand [amazon.co.jp]
Carl Craig: The Album Formerly Know As... [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: We Wish A Merry Christmas [amazon.co.jp]
Garnet Crow: 晴れ時計 [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Tei Towa: Flasher [amazon.co.jp]
Jazzanova: The Remixes 2002-2005 [amazon.co.jp]
Enya: Amarantine [amazon.co.jp]

坂本美雨: Never Ending Story [amazon.co.jp]
amin: ACROSS〜楼蘭の少女〜 [amazon.co.jp]
ハウルの動く城 [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
No Milk: Up All Night [amazon.co.jp]
東口トルエンズ: 東口DVD [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
DJ 3000: Perseverance

New Arrival
Malcom Kipe: Lit [amazon.co.jp]
Mike Oldfied: Light + Shade [amazon.co.jp]
Garnet Crow: Best [amazon.co.jp]
林立夫: Non Vintage [amazon.co.jp]
矢野顕子: 誰がために サウンドトラック [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Metamatics: 3 Jak And Dive [amazon.co.jp]
Andy Bell: Electric Blue [amazon.co.jp]

Depeche Mode: Playing The Angel [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Board of Canada: The Campfire Headphase [amazon.co.jp]
Maximo Park: Missing Songs [amazon.co.jp]
煩悩ガールズ: い・け・な・いルージュマジック [amazon.co.jp]
m-flo: Astromantic Charm School [amazon.co.jp]
m-flo loves Yoshika: let's go [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Jeff Mills: Contact Special [amazon.co.jp]
AFX: Hangable Auto Bulb [amazon.co.jp]
Jackson and His Computer Band: Smash [amazon.co.jp]
Maximo Park: A Certain Trigger [amazon.co.jp]
立花ハジメ: Mr.Techie and Miss Kipple [amazon.co.jp]
立花ハジメ: Hm [amazon.co.jp]
立花ハジメ: H [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Safty Scissors: Tainted Lunch [amazon.co.jp]
Logic System: Everything is in the nature [amazon.co.jp]

坂本龍一: /05 [amazon.co.jp]
石川セリ: The Best [amazon.co.jp]

冨田ラボ: アタタカイ雨 [amazon.co.jp]
m-flo loves EMYLI & Diggi-Mo': Dopamine [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Ben Sims: Welcome To My World
桐ヶ谷仁: Complete Alfa Years [amazon.co.jp]
Manna: Complete Epic Years [amazon.co.jp]
ラジ: Love Heart [amazon.co.jp]
ラジ: Heart To Heart [amazon.co.jp]
ブレッド&バター: Monday Morning [amazon.co.jp]
ブレッド&バター: Late Late Summer [amazon.co.jp]
ブレッド&バター: バーベキュー [amazon.co.jp]
Monday 満ちる: フリー・ソウル・コレクション [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Broadcast: Tender Buttons [amazon.co.jp]
Gravenhurst: Fires In Distant Buildings [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: Aurora 2 [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: Planet Delsin [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: Feel Between The Lines Score 3
Tread: Tread 5 [amazon.co.jp]
Mathias Schaffhauser: Coincidance [amazon.co.jp]
Ewan Pearson: Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi. Volume 1 [amazon.co.jp]
Hystereo: Corporate Crimewave [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: Famous When Deas 4 [amazon.co.jp]
DJ Koze: Kosi Comes Around [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: Total 6 [amazon.co.jp]
Ferenc: Fraximal [amazon.co.jp]
Wievie Stonder: The Wooden Horse Of Troy [amazon.co.jp]
Mother Goose: Panorama House [amazon.co.jp]
鬼束ちひろ: Singles 2000-2003 [amazon.co.jp]
松谷卓: Best Album〜映像音楽集 [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Larry Heard: Loose Fingers [amazon.co.jp]
Bjork: the music from Drawing Restrant 9 [amazon.co.jp]

Kraftwerk: Minimum-Maximum [amazon.co.jp]
Resonance-T: YMO En-Trance [amazon.co.jp]
Tommy Heavenly 6:Tommy Heavenly 6
小松未歩: あなた色 [amazon.co.jp]
細野晴臣: メゾン・ド・ヒミコ [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Recloose: Hiatus on The Horizon [amazon.co.jp]
福富幸宏: Equality Remixes [amazon.co.jp]
Miz: In The Sky [amazon.co.jp]

ペッカー: Power+Rasta Instantane [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Joe Lewis: The Return of Joe Lewis

New Arrival
Marvus Fjellstrom: Exercises In Estrangement
Nacht Plank: Septs Vents
Skallander: The Camels
V.A.: Compilation
Marine Ville: Diving The Wreck
Kenny Larkin: Chronicles
Plastics: Hard Copy [amazon.co.jp]
Plastics: Origato 25
坂本龍一: 星になった少年 [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Secede: Tryshasia
Blamstrain: Remixed [amazon.co.jp]
Roisin Murphy: Ruby Blue [amazon.co.jp]
Jamie Lidell: Multiply [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: Cottage Industries Four
Seven Ark: Noise of The New
Praveen: Backed by Spirits
Joel Tammik: Eluline
Danieto: Cirugia Casual [amazon.co.jp]
Sanso-Xtro: Sentimntarist
Goldmund: Corduroy Road
Quench: A Journey Into Electronix
Ryan Teague: Six Preludes
Weave: Of The Nature Tone
Mia Doi Todd: Manzanita [amazon.co.jp]
Deadbeat: New World Observer [amazon.co.jp]
Bus feat. MC Soom-T: Feelin' Dank [amazon.co.jp]
Freeform: Outside In [amazon.co.jp]
Quinoline Yellow: Dol-Goy Assist [amazon.co.jp]
Octavcat: Dropping Waves
Ontayso meets Gizmo, Cosmos meets Joel Tammik
Aus: Crowding
Infinite Scale: Sound Sendor [amazon.co.jp]
Marco Passarani: Sullen Look [amazon.co.jp]
TBA: Anule [amazon.co.jp]
Joel Tammik: Eemal
V.A.: Elmerealismi Tahised
Nobody: And Everything Else... [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: Elektronische Musik-Interkontinental

New Arrival
Fennesz Sakamoto: Sala Santa Ceeilia [amazon.co.jp]
サンガツ: 静かな生活 [amazon.co.jp]
久保田麻琴と夕焼け楽団: ショーボート・デイズ [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
As One: Elegant Systems [amazon.co.jp]
John Tejada & Arian Leviste: Back For Basics
Vince Watson: Sualimina [amazon.co.jp]
Proswell: Merck Mix 4 [amazon.co.jp]
Kraftwerl: Minimum-Maximum [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Prefuse 73: Read The Book EP [amazon.co.jp]
Isolee: We Are Monster [amazon.co.jp]

New Arrival
Rei Harakami: Lust [amazon.co.jp]
V.A.: Asience Spirit of Asia [amazon.co.jp]
松谷卓: ペンティメント [amazon.co.jp]
半野喜弘: Angelus [amazon.co.jp]
鈴木茂: Band Wagon Perfect Edition [amazon.co.jp]

The Electric Institute
New Religion
As OneことKirk DegiorgioのレーベルARTがNew Religionと共同でリリースしたコンピレーション。ARTの復活とまではいかないかもしれませんが、Balil、Blue Binaryという名前を再び目にすることが出来るのは感動です。KirkとIan O'brienのユニットSuper-A-LoofやBeetlejuiceというのもKirkの新ユニットです。他にNeuropplitique、69、Anthony Shakir、Stacey Pullen、Domuまでもが応援。2005年の最後の最後で凄いコンピレーションがリリースされました。


Past Movements
As Oneに続いてStasisのベストも登場。2枚組の2枚目は未発表曲を集めた激レアトラックということで、もうこれは買うしかないでしょう。古き良きインテリジェントテクノ、ピュアテクノを知ってる人にとっては涙もののアルバム。


so far (so good)...
As One
Kirk DegiorgioによるAs Oneの集大成アルバム。既に入手困難となっているART、New Electronica、Shield、Clearなどからリリースされた曲に未発表曲3曲を追加したもの。